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Opinion: Voluntary ethical surrogacy standards are required for wider international acceptance
Dr. Doyle of CT Fertility calls surrogacy and egg donation professionals in the US to fill the void left by lack of regulation. He proposes standards to insure all parties are treated with dignity and respect, physical and psychological risks are minimized, and future consequences to all are considered.
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Colleen Iversen shares her experience being a gestational surrogate
Colleen Iversen, CT Fertility's Surrogate Coordinator, shared her experience at the Paris 2011 seminar. Here she recounts her story about being a two-time gestational surrogate and carrying the two babies of a heterosexual couple that was experiencing severe infertility problems. As one of the clinic's staff she witnessed the couple's failed attempts have a baby on their own, until she finally stepped up and offered to become the couple's surrogate herself.
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Sydsvenskan article about a surrogate mother: "Hon vill föda någon annans barn"
Sydsvenskan, one of Sweden's largest national newspapers, featured the story of a surrogate who delivered a baby with the help of CT Fertility for a Swedish couple. The interview explores the reasons why some women would decide to carry another person's child.
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Peer advice: Typical Steps and Decisions in the Surrogacy Process
A document created by surrogacy parents in order to take a broad look at the crucial decisions and milestone prospective parents face in their pursuit of surrogacy. It outlines some of the typical steps and milestones parents go through, presented chronologically and as a decision-tree
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Peer advice: Working with agencies
A document created by a members of the Men Having Babies network in 2008. It outlines the role of surrogacy agencies, the pros and cons of working with one, and tips on how to handle the search, negotiations and relationship with an agency.
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Expert advice: Adoption of USA children as a new alternative for European gays
While not widely known yet, hundreds of Europeans are now parents of children adopted from the USA thanks to the 2008 Hague Adoption Convention and a 2009 amended guidance by the US Department of State. While outgoing adoptions, also known in the USA as "reverse commute adoptions" may be considered controversial by some, the fact is that at any given time there are over 100,000 children available for adoption in the USA Foster Care System. Michael Goldstein, a NY attorney and approved person, has supervised about a hundred of these outgoing placements since 2008, and states that "prospective adoptive parents overseas tend to be open to adoptions of ‘harder’ to place children, who may have ended up in the U.S. foster care system, but for these accepting people."